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Before giving my analysis of the goings on of this past weekend I would like

to take a moment to thank John W and Rob for all the hard work they put into

organizing the get together in AC.  Then negative is that the turn out was appalling. 

We talk about this way ahead of time so guys can adjust either their schedules or

their wives’ schedules to be able to make the meeting.  I personally feel it is my

responsibility to be there because of this commitment.  It is quite unfortunate that

at least 5 other teams did not feel that way.  John and Rob were understandably upset

by the turn out and vowed not to do this again which is quite unfortunate because I

love the concept.  Enough of that…now onto the good stuff.  I will do a team by team

analysis of the contenders and try to predict what the impact was of the moves made.

The non contenders will get a grade for what they accomplished going into next yeat.


SENATORS—Did not have to do much and did not.  Rowand for Wynn will have no

Impact on the standings.  John is more confident that is Eric about the lead so that is

why Pence did not get moved.  With the overpayment for Utley and Votto hard to

believe the boys could not have secured an even better deal for pence.  Roll the dice and

let’s see how it turns out.


FARSIDE NINE—Still cannot figure out how Paul and Marv are in 2nd place but the

mirror about to crack I fear.  Made a semi-circular trade to marginally improve their pitching staff and the big hitter move was getting rid of Barajas and putting Doumit in that spot.  Hoffman will make very little difference as the margin is too great.  The I gggfwer gr23gt245y2 gggfwer gr23gt245y2I still

believe this team is in for a free fall in the hitting categories.


LOVE MACHINE—The defending champions will most definitely be relinquishing their trophy after a less than inspiring trade process.  They probably should have gotten a better hitter back for Peavy and absolutely hate the trade they made with the Atlantics. 

They obviously got the best player (Wright) in the deal but traded the next 3 best guys

To get Matsui and Theriot.  Are the SB’s that important.  You sit waiting for the young

Guys to produce, Kouzmanoff and Tulowitzski, and then you trade them.  We’ll see.


Zombies—Rob and Buddy not been in the hunt for a while so good to see them back.  I thought the trades they made were great but not sure what impact they will have.  I loved the Peavy and Lowe deals but unfortunately for every good start they have there will be a bad Capuano or Morris start waiting to happen.  3 disabled pitchers at the time of this article will certainly not help them catch up in wins or strikeouts.  Getting Gonzalez in the Lowe deal a waster as they really did not need him but keeping him away from the top team in hind sight now seems like a good move.  Punted saves so lost points there will need to be made up elsewhere.


BLUE QUAILS—Another not seen (at AC) in the hunt for a long time it seemed Mike made a great move trading Utley for all of Walter’s productive players,  Will it be enough?  It appears so but not sure how much.  Cordero always a threat to get traded and Bay not the player he used to be.  Durham not exciting and Duffy still cannot hit.  Further complication that situation is that Milledge will be tied into Duffy thus making that move moot.


HEBREWERS—Proven track record of making the right set of deals and this year appears to be much of the same.  Receive in deals  Delgado, A Jones, Smoltz, Bush and Hennessey with trading Gallardo, Ethier and Mulder.  Sounds like a steep upgrade.  These moves should propel team up in shaky categories.  Most underrated move could turn out to be the waiver acquisition of the Nookster who seems to have secured the lead off spot in Washington and should get some SB’s.




SURGE—Hard to characterize someone as a have not when they are 4 points out of the money but Walter must have decided in his own little world (which did not include AC last Saturday.) that he would not have a chance for the money.  So what does he do, he trades EVERY player of value for Utley and then picks up a questionable Hermida for his one remaining chip   He will be in no better shape going into the auction after the trade then he was before them.


KABOOMERS—Another strong 7 th place finish in the standing for Lou.  He as usual overvalues the players he has and it gets in the way of a deal.  Could have had many good young keepers for next year but his stubbornness got in the way of rational thinking.  Reasoning process leaves a lot to be desired when decision making.  Will be weak as usual going into next year and will spend at least $60 on pitching again.


WHITEFISH—Gary paralyzed from the neck up.  Could/Should have thrown it in and gotten value or as a long shot could have at least tested the waters to go for this year.  Doing neither leads to a boring end of season and a weak set of keepers going into next year.


AMIGOS—Wanted a certain set of players and stuck to it.  May have overpaid for Gallardo and definitely did for Votto.  Trade with the Farsiders as much as I don not like Hamilton should set the boys up with at least a representative set of keepers going into next year.


ATLANTICS—VIVA LA ED.  Trade with the Love Machine gives him 3 solid young productive keepers for next year.  Mulder a bit of a reach but for .50 worth a shot on what

Should be a better Cardinal team next year.





After a careful analysis I hae come to the following conclusion of how the standing will finish up

1)      Senators—Did nothing.  May lose a couple of points but should be a lock for the big check

2)      Hebrewers—Not because I am writing this article.  Will pick up substantial hitting points from the backing up the truck teams which should propel this squad up the standings

3)      Farside and Love Machine—Do not think either of them will gain many points but with the trades made should maintain about the same amount of points which will lead to a dogfight for third place

5)      Blue Quails—Loved the big trade and expect this squad to pick up several points but do not think it will be enough to get them into the money.

6)      Zombies—Love the trade for the 2 pitchers but maybe a little too late to help them recover in the WHIP and ERA categories.  Nowhere to go with the offensive categories and may drop a few points in the 2Xsaves  plus Holds category.